The Satin Stitch is a beautiful stitch, very common in fine heirloom embroideries. It consists of long stitches covering a small shape and lying next to each other, so that no fabric shows between the stitches. The surface of the embroidered shape looks smooth and satiny.

When this stitch is not padded, it is often referred to as the Flat Stitch (although there is another stitch of the same name). When it is stitched on an even- or coarse-weave fabric, and the shape is geometric (such as a square or a star), it is easy to keep the edges clean by using the fabric's weave a guide for stitch placement.

It takes a lot of practice to master this stitch, so be patient with yourself at first. Try the Padded Satin Stitch first, unless you are stitching a geometric shape on an even-weave fabric.