The Chain Stitch is easily adapted to smocking, and makes a lovely, textured line. Like the Feather Stitch in smocking, it is stitched from right to left. The result looks similar to the Wheat Stitch.

Start the stitch by exiting the left side of the first pleat. Make the link across a single pleat, as shown in the drawing below. At the end of the chain, secure the last link with a small stitch on the top of the pleat.
You can also stitch the Chain Stitch across two pleats, if you prefer.
The Chain Stitch does not have to be stitched as a horizontal line. It makes an interesting diagonal line, an alternative to the Trellis Stitch. Notice that the Chain Stitch Links are a little longer when stitched on the diagonal.
  • Keep the tension on each stitch fairly loose and even - the links on the chain should be open and uniform.
  • The stitches should not be too deep into the pleat, or the chain's links will sink into the valley. The stitches should be on the top of the pleats.
  • Outlining Template Smocking
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